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Why Today’s Business Strategy Starts With Brand Strategy

*This article is in response to the question: What is brand strategy? While more and more people are becoming wise to it, there’s still a lot of misunderstanding around what “brand” really is, or does. If you’re concerned with how consumers operate today, then I believe you should be taking the Brand-as-Business approach (see great

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Millennial Morality Is A Brand Issue

If you or your team are operating under the generalization that millennials and young people are all hyper-connected and social media obsessed, you may be missing out on the big picture and positioning yourself to fail. The growing urgency we’re feeling day-to-day from our interactions and the media we’re exposed to for a reset on life’s privacy

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Is a Parasocial Relationship Considered Stalking?

Lately I’ve been looking into and thinking about the intensifying phenomenon of PARASOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS. I say intensifying because, while parasocial relationships have existed in various ways for at least centuries I’m sure, the direct-to-consumer marketing platforms of today have given rise to unprecedented access. Media personalities indulge their fans by with endless transparency into their personal

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